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  • Since the closure of the Great Highway to cars, traffic and injury collisions in D4 are down 30%.

  • An SFMTA study found that 4,000 people use the Great Walkway every weekday and 12,000 are using it on the weekends. 

  • SFCTA surveys have shown the majority of San Franciscans want the old highway to be permanently converted into a safe waterfront park, 2:1 over those who want to reopen the road.

  • San Franciscans are using the Great Walkway to make a green car-free commute from the west side to points north and east.  

  • San Franciscans of all ages and abilities are recreating on the smooth pavement, in a safe space, away from the noise, danger & exhaust of cars.There is no other space like the Great HIghway promenade in all of the city.

  • DPW estimates that the old Great Highway was closed 25% of the time due to sand and flooding - these unpredictable closures led to congestion and dangerous driver behavior on the lower Great Highway and outer avenues. Climate change made the old highway unpredictable to car drivers, and therefore our neighborhood streets unsafe for pedestrians.

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